There’s desperate, then there’s DESPERATE. I’m the former, natch.

A friend of mine sent me this job idea the other day with the following challenge: I dare you to apply for this job.

Before I read the content, I started getting my knickers in a twist–is Samantha really daring me to do something? Does she NOT know me very well? Obviously not–she’s a new friend, so that reasoning is out. So, before I continued with the should I or shouldn’t I, I took a wee gander at the listing. Then, all laughter and McCrabass mayhem broke out.

Freedom Magazine is looking for experienced investigative reporters for short and long-range freelance assignments.  Freedom, published by the Church of Scientology since 1968, covers human rights and social betterment issues and does investigative reporting in the public interest.  Current assignments are based in Los Angeles, New York and Southeastern Texas.

I ‘bolded’ out CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY for obvious reasons. And, for a nanosecond, I thought about applying for the job. Then I landed back on Earth with the rest of the humans and realized Sea Org will have to lure some other sucker in with their billion year contract. This Thetan would prefer to work for a legitimate news organization–whatever that is in this day and age.

But could you imagine the stories you’d have, if you could circumnavigate the confidentiality agreement you know those loons would have you sign? Serious fun, but it would be short-lived.

Working there would pretty much kill a future, serious journalism career.

This is what happens when you don't believe in psychiatry or the real world.