We’re balls-deep in summer, folks …

Not much to report these days. Still off Facebook, and I’m having a few withdrawal symptoms but nothing to alert the media about.

Got no sand in my shoes.

Since I’m in the doldrums  at the moment for various reasons, I’m posting a few stories here that have caught my jaded-eye and caused both eyebrows to raise up to my hairline in mock surprise.

This is why cousins should never marry and reproduce. Also, keep your grubby little self-righteous mitts off my porn, you asshats.

Oh, this is a must see.

Whenever I hear this song, I wanna shake my ass & dance so hard, I’ll have to pack my hips in ice for about a week. It’s such a fun, wonderful love song. So appropo.

My friends know I’m not a baseball fan at all, but this is pretty fucking cool. I’m impressed and it’s not easy to impress McCrabass. Then, I read stories like this one and I realize one of the many reasons why I don’t care for the sport.

What. The. Fuck. Is. The. Matter. With. People?

What’s with the ski boots?

And, finally, Welcome back.


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