A kinder, hunkier, brain-munching week in review

It’s been a busy week for serious news. Since everyone is commenting on the goings-on, I’ll stick to the lighter side of the news.

First, he’s really pretty. I may have to go see “Conan” just to experience him on the big screen, larger than life.  Yeah, yeah yeah … I know. I’m old enough to be his mother.


Nice work, Lisa Bonet.

Here’s one more — since it’s Bonus Friday. The chin pubes work for him–a rarity in my book.  

Will Cleveland, Ohio ever catch a break? This is rough. First, Drew Carey was sent from the Cleve to punish society with his dumbass comedy and now it’s been discovered that the air is about as clean as dog shit? The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame cannot save this city by itself. I doubt Joe Walsh could either. Not that Joe Walsh, the other Joe Walsh–you know, the one who has something interesting to say and who isn’t a dooosh.

Of course he was shirtless. And in Texas. Enjoy!

It’s time for this whole vampire craze to stop. Now. Vampires are everywhere–on our tee vees, in our bookstores, on the Internets, and in our jails. This fad is officially dead. It’s boring. Done. Over. Same with Zombies. Especially when Zombies do stupid stunts such as this one. And movies that feature horrible deaths as rollicking entertainment. I’d rather watch really bad porn than some of the shit that Hollywood is spewing forth these days.


This is freaking me out too. What a horrible way to die. I just hope Hollywood doesn’t take this tragedy and turn it into an opus for some teen queen who was discovered at a corn festival in Iowa. They could, however, turn it into a reality show OR unleash these amoeba into the water at the Kardashian household. Hmm.. if they did that, I’d tune in more.