La la la la la la live for today

On this somber day, I could go on and on about the 10th anniversary of the attacks on NYC and DC, and the hijacking of Flt. 93, but who really cares what I think? These attacks have cloaked our country and national psyche in darkness for 10 years and for well into the future. ‘Tis a different world, a different life–gotta get used to it & stop waxing rhapsodic about a life that once was since that kind of thinking just conjures up feelings of angst, bitterness and sadness.

Today, I give you a distraction. I bet this young lassie practices Bikram.

I don’t know how she does it either.

Live for today, folks. That’s what I’m doing.

4 thoughts on “La la la la la la live for today

  1. As a recovering musician, I checked carefully and you got the number of la’s exactly right.

    I’m disappointed in yesterday’s headlines: I couldn’t find a single “Mourning in America.”

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