What you see is what you get & then some

There’s something so magical about Coco.


Before you click away in utter disgust and decide to block my blog forever, maybe even report me for being a hack, a fraud OR worse–stooopid–please give me a chance. Who knows–you may even agree with me. If you do, you’ll be a better person for it.

I admire and like Coco because she doesn’t attempt to act smarter than she really is; she doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t and is happy with who she is. Most important, she appears to not give a shit what others think of her. She’s a gutsy broad who puts it all out there and doesn’t seem to mind the negative press. Hey, she’s making a shitload of cash off of her look, is in what appears to be a happy marriage and cares about those around her. In my book, that’s huge. What do I admire about her the most? She’s not a skinny chick, is proud of it and celebrates her curves. How refreshing!

Coco’s a(n) (in)famous American woman who is comfortable in her own skin–a rare species here since we are trained from early on to despise ourselves for not being pretty, smart or thin enough. Or, for being too pretty, smart and thin. Those of us who dare attempt to break out of this hobbling, disgusting mold, are chastised and called selfish bitches. Hey, argue with me allll you want. Tell me I’m wrong with your so-called well-thought out arguments about how women have more power than ever before and I’ll listen quietly. Then, when you’re finished, I’ll hand you a stack of fashion pubs & suggest you take a gander at the photos and ads & hopefully you’ll see how all of the models are in dire need of a couple dozen Sliders–then try that lame-ass argument again.

The constant barrage of Biafra-esque thin women that grace the media, plus the multi-billion dollar diet & plastic surgery industries in this country, are constantly telling women we’re not good enough physically. Sure, we’ve made huge strides as women, but we’re still harshly judged by our looks over our intelligence and wit. If you don’t believe me, think back to how horrible folks were toward Hillary Clinton’s looks when she was running for President. Same with Sara Palin–yep, I said it. There was a lot of ridiculous attention paid to her looks–it even had me shaking my head because I noticed immediately that her room-temperature IQ was more dangerous and important than her appearance. Fortunately, anyone with a pulse realized that too–so we’re safe–for now.

Coco’s not like the Kardashians–who are desperately clawing their way up from the bottom of Crap Mountain to be taken seriously as something other than what they really are–fame whores. These sisters & Mama pimp would appear at the opening of Malaysian whore house if E! was in attendance. Sure, society is to blame for the Kardashian’s success–this culture celebrates mediocrity. How else would you explain Dane Cook, George W. Bush and the entire “Jersey Shore” cast?  But, I will give the K-Klan this much–good move on cashing in on your sibling’s sex tape. Who knew that having tape of your sister’s muff being munched on by a mustachioed gutter dick could prove so profitable?

I wonder what Camille Paglia thinks of Coco. No…. wait…nah…not really.

There is much to say about Coco and whether or not she’s good for us. Maybe I’ll write more about her later, maybe not. But I’ll leave you with what my pal Shannon M. said about this shot:

“That titty is way better looking than all of Janice Dickinson.”


7 thoughts on “What you see is what you get & then some

  1. I think it’s so sad that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman. I envy her looks, but she has them and why shouldn’t she cash in?

    By the way, I don’t think men prefer skinny women. I think most men like women with a few curves.

    • I agree–but i think this behavior may be unique to this country. Women are horrible to one another and it’s encouraged in the mainstream media with stories on how to look hotter than your friends, why you need to be uber-skinny and why it’s best to flat-iron your hair on a daily basis. Fuck being intelligent & witty–like the post said.
      thanks for commenting and i love your blog! i had a Siberian Husky (copper color) who was adorable but really tough to train. He was a fun pooch though! such a sweetie!

  2. As a woman, I have the utmost respect for Coco because she embraces who she is. For that, I look up to her. She’s an independent woman who promotes loving EVERYTHING about yourself. Thank you so much for writing this. I wish her and Ice nothing but success.

    PS~I found your blog from Coco’s twitter (can’t believe she tweeted you, I’m MEGA jealous ;)). You’ve gained a new follower 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  3. Because I dwell in a cave and never watch teevee or movies, I had no idea who this person was until I followed the links. I’m still not sure, actually. But I find her a turn-on, and that’s not despite the fact that she’s a big gal, but because of it. Not my personal favorite thing — I’m partial to the Biafra look, absent the flies — but she wears it well.

    Full disclosure: I’m a drooling pervert who wears rubber underwear and clothespin pasties. But only to tea party meetings

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