Ethics, schmethics! Pffft!

Heard some interesting, yet not completely surprising, news today. Turns out, a person I used to work for at a local institution of higher learning–let’s call it SchmeSchmaul Schmuniversity, allegedly left his wife for one of his subordinates. Nice, and might I add klassy and just a titch, um, unethical? This is the same person who fucked over 3 friends of mine at this same university that happens to be located in a large Midwestern city, on the shore of a large freshwater lake named after another Midwestern state.

This news brought up some throw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little memories of this particularly department head AND the institution of higher learning that’s steeped in the ‘believes in the talking snake’ tradition. See, if I didn’t make it clear enough earlier, this is a faith-based university that requires all students to take a bible study or some sort of religion course in order to graduate. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of ethics/morals clause that all folks who attend and work at this institution have to abide by in some manner. Maybe students don’t have to follow it to a T per se, maybe they just have to agree to do good and not dump roofies into co-eds’ Red Bulls at dorm parties.

But, what about those who work (read: teach) there? Those whose main job is to educate and shape the young minds? You know, possibly be a role model? Yep, those folks.

Now, I’m not getting all high and mighty here, and I’m far from perfect — I’ll be the first to admit it. However, this is the same place and person who caused a lot of damage — albeit temporary-by bad-mouthing not only my friends, but yours truly here, to others within the academic community. It was painful for me because I really liked my job there, and felt the sting of this man’s words for a couple of years after. My friends, however, fared much worse.

Badmouthing is what bullies do. I handle it with much more aplomb these days because people who know this person are finding out what a major choad he really is.

The big, fat farmer question I have is, what will this university with an above-average reputation do about this? Hmm…I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say NOTHING.

4 thoughts on “Ethics, schmethics! Pffft!

  1. Name names! Don’t accuse, “allege!” Make him deny it and/or defend himself. Vindication and revenge are taste satiated when served bloody.

    Ed. Note to Northside: congratulations on spelling “fuck” correctly. Now work on “its.”

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