6 thoughts on “Only the Good Die Young …

  1. Say what you will, but iTunes and the iPod are the worst designed, most difficult to work with software/hardware combo I’ve ever encountered. As a result of the scars they inflicted on me, I will never own an Apple product. I bless my Android smartphone. And I still miss DOS.

    • I have a Droid Global phone too because AT&T’s service blows donk in this country. If it ever gets better, I’ll buy an iPhone, until then, I’m sticking with Droid.
      As a former film editor, thank god for Avid and FCP…while they’re not perfect tools, they’ve still done wonders for film making.

  2. Even though it was “expected”, I’m still in shock – and very very sad. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I’d never put my hands on my first Macintosh, February 21, 1989. I’ve been a disciple of all things Jobs ever since.

    Maybe I’m “a sheep”, but at least I’m a sheep that responded to, and expected a higher quality.

    May SJ be greeted at the Gates tonight with the words, “Great work, my good and faithful servant”. He shoveled through the last three decades of national mediocrity and showed us all how it SHOULD be done.

  3. and may God grant him eternal rest. it is so ironic to see his picture right above that of, erg, what’s his name from yesterday’s post. steve jobs’ loss is a loss to the world.

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