Welcome to the city of short memories

Apparently, some of my fellow Chicagoans can’t seem to remember if they live here or in Miami. Don’t know what I’m referring to? Take a gander. Thanks to CBS Chicago for the clip.

via First Snow Comes Late, Makes Commutes Slippery.

So, the horrible snowstorm that included “thundersnow” we had back in February, is lost on most of this city’s denizens.


Folks seem to forget the fact that you cannot drive like Dale Jr. once any type of moisture starts plummeting from the sky. I don’t care if you drive the self-proclaimed “safest car out there”, smugness-inducing Volvo, the car you drive is only as safe as YOU are. Plus, driving like a douche puts other innocent folks who actually respect the wrath of Mother Nature in serious danger. If one of y’all hits me and causes harm, I’m comin’ at you HARD. Not just pimp hard, but McCrabass hard.

What’s sad is three people died in car crashes due to the weather.

Side note: If something freaks Jim Cantore out THIS MUCH, you know it’s awesome–