I miss Herb Ritts. So much.

Amazing artist and humanitarian. Once upon a time, Ritts inspired me to dive head-first into black and white photography. Don’t know why I was thinking about him today, but I figured he must have popped into my mind for one reason or another.

Damn. Time to go roll around the dry lake with Djimon Hounsou.

Makes me wanna wear men’s knickers and play in the surf whilst covering my delicates.

No matter what you think about MJ and the phone-thrower-abusive-unt-cay, you have to admit, this is a beautiful video.

“Mermen” (not Ethel, but dudes who are part fish, frolicking in the surf)

He even makes Britney look not-so-white-trashy.

3 thoughts on “I miss Herb Ritts. So much.

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