“Just call on me baby …”

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge Whitney Houston fan.

Let me rephrase that: I’m not a big fan of that type of poppy, over-synthesized, played-on-one-instrument-and-one-instrument-only music.

Sure, the tunes are catchy, but lack the complicated layers I’m used to hearing a la Steely Dan, old Elton John, CCR, Zappa, Aretha, Gladys Knight, etc. Also, I enjoyed Ms. Houston’s voice when she was singing without all of the vocal gymnastics — showing off her vocal range instead of keeping it simple. Even with a voice like hers, simpler was always better.

Ms. Houston had a huge fan base that encompassed the entire world — and that’s a huge accomplishment –which garners a lot of respect from a hard-ass like me. She has tried and true fans even though she cancelled shows and the years of drug abuse came through in her voice — thinning it out to the point where she almost sounded like Leonard Cohen on a good day. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but you catch my drift.

Here’s my fave Whitney Houston song — she rocks it. Having good lyrics will do that to a voice and it helps a lot that Babyface co-wrote ’em. Plus the video is great too. She inspired me to buy and actually wear black velvet leggings back in the day.

Hope you find peace.

2 thoughts on ““Just call on me baby …”

  1. Not a big fan of hers, either. But it was par for the course, I might say to be a fan because she was a) a huge black star and b)the soundtrack to my childhood. Couldn’t get thru the 80s without liking at least one of her songs.

    Saw a clip of her on youtube of her famous “Kiss my A**” speech. Sure she was stoned and most definitely drunk on that, but upon review of other “bad moments”, Whitney was a hoot. Had she lived to be 80 years old, she would have been the grandma that told you straight up who you were and gave you directions on how to get there. I think I would have loved to smoke a joint with her. I think she would had me pissing in my pants with laughter.

  2. Since Kelly Clarkson is singing a duet with some dude in a cowboy hat as I’m watching the Grammy’s right now, I can take a moment to comment. Like you I wasn’t a huge Whitney fan, either, but I did think before her voice went downhill, it was beautiful. When an acquaintance texted my friend when we were out last night with the news, we both felt quite bad. She was a tragic figure.

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