It’s no secret that I read a great deal of material on the Internets. A lot of newsy stuff, a lot of fluff and a few blogs. I’ve decided to re-blog some of the blogs I dig in a Marcia-Brady-digs-Davy-Jones kinda way. I did this earlier with a piece by a doctor about transvajayjay ultrasounds and I enjoyed the wee sense of power it gave me knowing that I hopefully drove more readers to John Scalzi’s “Whatever” blog. It’s a good blog–check it out, then subscribe to it. Same goes for Lame Adventures, by my ‘new’ pal The Lame Adventures Woman aka Nancy Kulp of Facebook. She’s witty, smart and insightful. Plus, this latest post is fun! So, please read her posts and subscribe to her blog– you won’t be sorry you did.
I hope y’all enjoy this because I’m going to do this from time to time. Thanks. Peace and hair grease, Jules.

Lame Adventures

Most days at work I collect the mail in the first floor in-basket.  Most of the mail is addressed to my boss, Elsbeth.  A week or two ago I noticed the April issue of Harper’s magazine in our in-basket.

It was not addressed to Elsbeth but I figured that Stu, her husband and the company founder, put it there intentionally.  It’s not my style to question what motivates him to do what he does as I am sure he welcomes my indifference.  Yet, had he left a live hand grenade in our in-basket I still might not have questioned Stu himself, but I would have been compelled to ask one of his Yes Men about that along with enforcing a dictate of my own:

Me:  One of you guys bring that up to her.

When I would reach my office wearing my Minister of Watch Dogging chapeau, I would…

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