Tuck, cover & twirl

Sometimes a product make an appearance in the retail world and my first thought is “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Case in point:

(The jury’s still out on whether or not these are real products. Oh please, let them be the real deal!)

No more cold peen when you’re out galavanting about in your sashaying in your crotch-skimming skirt and Louboutin knock-offs. It’ll probably be easier to tuck your sack back in this get-up.

Don’t care for inevitable chaffing that’s an unfortunate added bonus of wearing stockings?

There’s the thong version for those who find pantyhose too constricting. Looks like they come in a plethora o’ colors too.

And the ordering info for you. Gotta love China.

Thanks to eBay for offering up the classic granny panty look. I’m sure these were made with some of our more conservative GOP lawmakers in mind. A low blow you say? Seriously? C’mon… you know that anyone who has such fucked up ideas as to how society should work is a fetishist behind the doors of the C-Street House.

Speaking of style, I hate it when people steal my look AND my dance moves.

Observe and try not to dance along.

Uriel is shimmy-ing into the cold, dark part of me known as my soul.

I’m craving lime sherbert. I wonder why.