A Womb with a View

The world is going to hell in hand basket, that’s no secret. Some folks long for the time when they believe life was easy and good — the 1950s seems to be the era of focus these days. I don’t quite get that since it was only good for one particular portion of society–White men–but not exactly a stellar time for the rest of us.

Then, there are those who want to regress even further. We’re talking all the way back to their very first indoor swimming pool — the womb. Since that’s physically impossible, Freyja Sewell has replicated a womb that will fit our bulbous asses and bloated egos that’s constructed from natural fibers like wool, not sinew or guts or muscle.

Sewell is hawking this monolith of a wool womb as a personal retreat of sorts, a place for “contemplation and rest” from the hustle and bustle of life — mainly life with computers and cell phones and cameras. Oh, and it’s a nice way to deal with soaring property values. She views these wombs as a way to hide from an increasingly overpopulated and un-private world. Her wooly booly womb is a way for folks to peacefully co-exist in this world — by not dealing with people and instead retreating into an orb that probably has poor ventilation and is, let’s face it, a moth-magnet.

And, should you decide you’ve had enough of smelling your own farts whilst dealing with Facebook withdrawal symptoms and the swarm of moths that are nom-nomming on your womb walls, you can always open up the womb (think c-section) for added seating. You’ll need this extra seating to accommodate your guests for the blow-out party you’ll inevitably have to help bring you back to the shitty, real world.

Trust me, you’ll want to come back. Why would you want to hide from it?