Out to pasture

Where was my head at? How could I have missed this?

Still need some images for clarification?


How does one explain Bronies? Basically, it’s a bunch of hipster doofi who are infatuated with My Little Pony, and have made these CHILDREN’S TOYS/ANIMATED TEE VEE SERIES into a way of life. Bronies have conventions every year which draw mostly men, and the occasional gal.

(courtesy of deviantart.net)

Of all the stories I’ve read about the BronyCon, the overarching theme is acceptance. Attendees are griping about how they’re not accepted in regular society, and not discussing all of the cool shit they’re learning from and being exposed to at the Con. One Brony even compared his struggles to what Dead Heads must go through.

Um, no.

That’s like comparing fans of one of the world’s most popular rock bands to the small band of sexually retarded/frustrated menfolk who idolize toys connected with an animated tee vee show from their youth.

Whoa ..wait..what now?

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