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Diana Nyad.

(courtesy of Yahoo)

Nyad, an accomplished distance and open-water swimmer, has attempted 3 times to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Three times.

Each trek is roughly 103 miles of box jellyfish, Portuguese Man of War, sharks, body-bending currents and unpredictable weather.

Did I mention she tried this three times? However, she never finished any of the swims because of the aforementioned hazards. Now, to us mere mortals, one failure would’ve sent most of us back to our couches and naps-laden weekends instead of swimming around the island of Manhattan or around Key West.

This was not the case with Ms. Nyad.

She learned from her experiences and tried the swim again and again. Her last attempt began on August 18th from Havana and ended earlier this morning due to inclement weather and ‘bad jellyfish stings.’ I bet she would’ve done it this time too.

Her determination is to be admired, studied and copied. Here’s to hoping she does it again.

Did I mention she’s 62 years old? No? She is. What’s cool about her latest attempt is she wanted to finish the swim on August 22nd–her 63rd birthday. You can read more about Diana here.