The Daily Oops pt. 1

All the little brother wanted to do was to help out his older sister by giving her, you know, life.

He wanted to do this by donating a kidney to her. Wow. Talk about admirable. I bake my sisters cookies or other sweets from time to time, or send them funny Internetz LOLz  when I deem them worthy enough of my sisters’ attention. In a normal life, that would be enough. One rarely has to ponder, however, the organ donation to save a sibling question.

This type of decision requires buttloads of introspection, and discussions with doctors and family members.

In other words, it is not a decision that is entered into lightly. Eventually it was decided what was needed to save a life, then this happened

UTMC nurse tossed out kidney, ruined it


Okay, this type of mistake happens from time to time and while it is horrible, we’re only human. We make mistakes — lots of them. What was so wrong with the University of Toledo Medical Center is they didn’t “get out in front of the story” like they should have. Instead the hospital powers-that-be pussyfooted around and weren’t straightforward about what really happened. Oops. Not good when most folks aren’t educated on organ donation because it’s not something most folks have to think about ever. However, organizations like UNOS and Gift of Hope are making inroads with organ/tissue donation education.

Despite all that mess, it’s still a HUGE-ASS oops.



5 thoughts on “The Daily Oops pt. 1

  1. and they still don’t appear to have explained what actually happened. the article says the organ usually travels 10-5 yards…what did they do with it in 30-15 feet to render it unsalvageable? i’d fire every person in the room. you don’t get to make mistakes like that on something that is supposed to be a precision, life or death, timed event.

    • I’d like to know when the hospital let the press know what happened. The date of the incident was Aug. 10, so why did it take so damn long?? did someone leak it to the press?
      Hmm…more investigation is needed.

  2. I read that story yesterday and I read it with my jaw dropped. You’re right, shit happens, but they really dropped the ball by not just owning up to this horrible error. It makes it look like they’re being shifty with something to hide.

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