Hed of the Day

I’ve said it a thousand times–I miss headline writing so much. One of my jobs as a copy editor at this healthcare business/policy pub I worked for back in the days of yore, was to write interesting headlines–which I did–but mine were never as interesting as this one.

Rosacea Possibly Caused by Tiny Mites Without Anuses Living on Your Face

From Gawker.com

I’m off to plunge my face in bleach.

7 thoughts on “Hed of the Day

  1. Not to be a nitpicker — but do other species of mites have anuses (anii?). Is this one unusual — maybe they just don’t come as standard equipment.

    Guess I’m a mite uninformed

  2. Eew! But this reminds me of an editing test I took that included an article in which a doctor said, direct quote, “In China it’s considered unlucky to be born without an anus.” I’d like to know where it’s not considered unlucky…

  3. I envy the writer who did come up with that headline, though. He/she must have been thinking, “This.Is.AWESOME.” They probably put it in the front of their portfolio.

    The best header I ever saw was actually in an internal bulletin when I was working in pharma–“Advisory Board discusses grade 3 explosive diarhhea.”

  4. I used to have to write the stupidest heads for short articles for CD. I was good at it but I hated it- cheap puns to get someone to read some health trivia. A lot of times the information was worth knowing but we ha to keep it peppy..

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