Say do you remembah?

It’s the 21st night of September .. sort of.

Here’s a little ditty about it.

Gone are the days when musicians actually wrote their own songs AND played their own instruments.

EW&F’s music still works after all these years. What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, CLASSIC.


18 thoughts on “Say do you remembah?

      • Ever notice how John Landecker always played the same music? He moved from Top 40 to Greatest Hits of the 70s and 80s, to Classic, to Great Hits of Yesteryear – different stations, always the same songs! 😀

      • oh you’ll appreciate this…all of those relics are BACK on the air in Chicago because Chicago media are afraid of trying anything new or innovative. They say they want creativity, but nah. They don’t.
        This is why I’m looking for work back in LA, SF, DC or NYC. Those cities are just a scosch more open-minded than Chicago is.

      • I’d offer to trade you Chicago for Columbus, but Columbus is like a redneck in a tux. It looks nice, but deep down, it just ain’t right. That, and they have a murder rate that is giving Chicago a run for its’ money. We’re shooting for northern Indiana. The wife is from South Bend, and several large towns/small cities up there are very nice.
        And Notre Dame is available, in case I ever need a clock tower from which to test-fire my Lee-Enfields….. 😉 😀

  1. happy.

    my dd asked her daddy for a van halen cd the other day. the boy listens to clapton. neither one can stand bieber. i’m doing something right, i think.

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