Apple pie a la beaver butt anyone?

Folks, you all know that I am constantly striving to make myself smarter than your mopey asses, and today I believe this Herculean effort has been achieved — thanks to my good friend, the Goddess Professor.

Goddess Professor is like the wee bit older friend you had when you were a youngin’, hangin’ out on the hammock in the backyard, who taught us about the the gross stuff that your family refused to teach you. Under the tutelage of people like Deborah, we learned that yes indeed the two men living in the same house down the street were not just ‘roommates’, and the vicar really is a womanizing drunk.

We all had a friend like her, and today we’re better people for it.

Fortunately for me and for you, we have Deborah watch over and guide us through middle age with more additives to enrich our dull-as-fuck lives.

Now, show of hands — who wants ice cream with all sorts of toppings — mainly baked goods, gravies, gelatin/puddings and alcohol?

My question is, why should beavers’ butts be crushed for, well, anything???