Frankly my dear …

I don’t give a damn if your life is ruined.

I’m pro-free speech — absolutely. Free speech is one of the many things that makes this country great, and makes it shitty from time to time. Who said democracy was easy?

But, when you hide behind an anonymous moniker on the Interwebs, and post pix of underage girls (both alive, dead & “Niggerjailbait”), pregnant women and make jokes about rape whilst hiding behind FREE SPEECH, and get called out for it, then you deserve the shit storm that’s raining down on you. Oh, and if your family engages in the same type of trolling you do (Redditors not_so_violentacrez, Spawn_of_VA, wife and son, respectively), well … as the saying goes: Shit rolls down hill.

See, that’s the tricky part about free speech: You can say what you want, but then you must be ready to deal with the consequences your words have on others. See what our Founding Fathers did there?

Or in the immortal words of my late-grandfather*– the epitome of the Southern Gentleman –“If you want to run with the big dogs, you gotta learn how to shit in the tall grass.”

Life’s a bitch sometimes.

*Of course I know others uttered these words before him, but the first time I heard ’em was via Pop Pop.