Frankly my dear …

I don’t give a damn if your life is ruined.

I’m pro-free speech — absolutely. Free speech is one of the many things that makes this country great, and makes it shitty from time to time. Who said democracy was easy?

But, when you hide behind an anonymous moniker on the Interwebs, and post pix of underage girls (both alive, dead & “Niggerjailbait”), pregnant women and make jokes about rape whilst hiding behind FREE SPEECH, and get called out for it, then you deserve the shit storm that’s raining down on you. Oh, and if your family engages in the same type of trolling you do (Redditors not_so_violentacrez, Spawn_of_VA, wife and son, respectively), well … as the saying goes: Shit rolls down hill.

See, that’s the tricky part about free speech: You can say what you want, but then you must be ready to deal with the consequences your words have on others. See what our Founding Fathers did there?

Or in the immortal words of my late-grandfather*– the epitome of the Southern Gentleman –“If you want to run with the big dogs, you gotta learn how to shit in the tall grass.”

Life’s a bitch sometimes.

*Of course I know others uttered these words before him, but the first time I heard ’em was via Pop Pop.

16 thoughts on “Frankly my dear …

  1. I don’t get why anyone is defending this guy. By his own admission, his hobby was “riling people up” on the internet. Well, bully for him. Some people gamble as a hobby, but when they lose a load of cash, I don’t feel sorry for them. Some like to emulate stunts out of “Jackass,” but when they break bones and burst their spleens, I figure that’s the price they pay for pursuing dangerous entertainment.

    This jackhole thinks he can do whatever he wants and then run behind the skirts of his specious and ill-formed notions of “free speech” when it catches up to him. Boo Fucking Hoo to him and his family of creeptastic enablers. Actions have consequences. Welcome to Grown-Up Land. No wonder he’s sexually fixated on underage girls, because this loser’s mentality is stuck in middle school — I can do whatever I want neener neener, but if I get caught, I’m gonna cry and complain that it wasn’t MY fault!

  2. folks seem to forget, when they are squawking about ‘free speech,’ that the FFs were talking about civil, intelligent discourse. they meant for all americans to be able to freely, intelligently, to the best of their ability, express their ideas and beliefs, whether the government agreed with them or not. what the FFs did NOT risk their lives for was the right of an asshole to be an asshole. this is why there were parameters placed on free speech. no yelling ‘fire’ in crowded theaters, no lying in court, no giving away government secrets, no saying nasty things about your neighbor that destroy his livelihood. it’s basic social rules like, ‘do unto others,’ ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,’ ‘speak the truth in love…’ sure this guy has spoken freely. but he hasn’t made his point.he has alienated his fellow man. unless that WAS his point. but he made his choice to be an asshole, and an asshole he shall be in the public eye.

  3. A lot of these scumbags forget that speech isn’t 100% free. The old saw of not yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre is the most common example. If you want to say something against a person who can defend themselves, fine. Call me a schmuck (or worse), and I’ll happily rip you a new one (verbally). But posting pictures of defenceless kids is just wrong. And if you do it, you KNOW you’re doing something morally offensive, stand behind you work (yeah, I’m repeating you, sorry).
    Though I do also blame REDDIT. I mean, c’mon – kiddie porn? Just for hits? Really?

    • Odd, innit, that just about everybody, including Free Speech Freaks, recognizes that the First Amendment’s guarantees are not absolute, and that limitations are necessary to accommodate a civilization, while Second Amendment Mutants find the restriction of nuclear weapons in the hands of mentally deranged criminals an affront to freedom, an assault of the Constitution, and irrefutable proof of communism.

      • Aw, c’mon. Don’t you know that EVERYBODY needs a full-auto AK-47 to hunt deer? 😉 You should hear it around my house during the various hunting seasons – more gunfire echoing through the hills than when we’d have 100-plus-man re-enactments!

  4. There’s another old saying that predated your Pop Pop since I believe it originated with Galatians 6:7 or maybe it was the fortune in a cookie I chowed down in the 70s, “You reap what you sow”. I like it when these douche bags are outted.

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