Exorcism a la Plinky

So I signed up with Plinky to help me with this NaBloPoMo thingy.

Supposedly or Supposebly (choose whichever version best displays your edumacational achievements) the daily inspirations on Plinky are supposed to help me with this daily writing task.

Not bloody likely.

So far, the ‘inspirations’ I’ve spied involve describing a time when you felt your loneliest, if you could invent a holiday what would it be, and something about kittens. Sure, some of the responses are heartfelt and heartbreaking but I’d rather not air mah dirty laundry that way.

Until today.

Whilst in my pre-caffeine part of the morning, I came across this suggestion:

Have you ever had to end a friendship?

Plinky’s prescience is impressive. Recently, I went through a mutual dumping of sorts. I said something horrible, immediately apologized (actually three times which in hindsight is two times too many), yet this former friend decided to take my bad behavior one step further and tell the targets of my insult what I had said.


Over the next few tear-filled, angst-and guilt-ridden days, the realization hit me like a box of human shit that this friend of over 20 years was never a friend because she didn’t have to take my horrible insult to the next level. A phonecall coulda and shoulda been made asking me what was up & had that happened, then the chaos train would’ve stopped. See how that works?

Live and learn, plus it’s time to have my friendship radar adjusted. Fuck it–I’ll just get a new one.

Of course I regret my behavior and miss my former friend from time to time, and what happened has brought me pain, plus a healthy dose of introspection.

I take responsibility for my actions, and am done apologizing.

However, anger surfaces from time to time, which ain’t pretty because what I could say to them would melt the skin off their faces and cause their tits to tumble off their chesticles. It’s very tempting, but why would I want to waste such a wonderful combo platter of wit, wisdom and high-brow insults on folks who have proven themselves to be tone-on-tone half-wits and what’s the term? Frenemies? Yes, I’m using a term so associated with the early aughts, but it works well in this case.

When I was going through this, a good friend told me that this woman–plus the two I offended who I believed to be my friends–don’t deserve the tears I’m shedding.

He’s absolutely correct, and now there is peace in the dome.

Onward and upward.

6 thoughts on “Exorcism a la Plinky

  1. See, this is why I visit — not just the whipcracking prose and sparkling wit, but I learn shit. NaPalmoBloUp and Plinky — what tree does this fructose grow on?

    Sorry about losing your friends, but well, you already said it: the dogs bark, and the caravan moves on. Positive spin: there was what the headshrinkers like to call “closure.” Some friendships just wither from circumstances and neglect — they technically end, but did they? Horrible as it is, the mutilated dead body left on the doorstop is better than never knowing what happened to a person who drops off the earth.

    On that pleasant note, it’s time to go outside with plastic bags and pick up after the menagerie. Big deal, right? Except I work in a senior center.

  2. “Chesticles”? Sounds like something a woman would grow from taking Yaz, or some other horrible-side-effects medicine. 😀
    Been there, done that – lost my best friend when a female friend (who we had taken in following the Oakland earthquake) failed in seducing me away from Tamy, and decided revenge would be to turn him against me. No matter how close two Y chromosomes can be, a double-X can always screw things up. (Sorry, it’s still a bit of a raw spot, over 20 years later.)
    Good work in getting over it – mostly. 😉

  3. Sorry to hear of your turmoil. It sounds.like you were given some sage advice. Probably better than what I would have offered up…and then realized was reactionary. Karma is real. Negativity breeds more negativity. Be an agent of positive change. Sometimes that means shaking off the flees.

    • Yep. good point about the negativity. I’ve also learned to handle my friends who are reactionaries with kitten’s paws. It’s a tough line to walk, but if I limited my friendship ring to those who are like me, it would be pretty boring, you know?

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