Hey Los Angeles …

… the 1990s called–they want Michael Bolton AND Mario Lopez back. You’ll understand in a moment why this odd duo should be shoved back to the decade when Saturns were THE “It” car to have.

From Racked.LA.com:

Oh I hope you’re sitting down for this bit of news, and I hope your hair salon is closed for the day since after reading this, you’ll want to get a mullet.

Michael Bolton Joins Santa To Celebrate The Grove Tree Lighting

The Grove is gearing up for a big shopping season. The arrival of a 100-foot-tall Christmas tree at the end of October marked the beginning of the shopping center’s 10th annual holiday celebrations, which get an official kick off this Sunday, November 11th. It’s on that date that The Grove will light its tree with a huge party involving balladeer and Jack Sparrow imitator Michael Bolton.

The holiday show will begin at 7:30pm and will feature a “snowfall” and the sounds of Bolton plus Melanie Fiona, Colbie Caillat, DJ JibbJock, Scotty McCreery, Rickey Minor and His Band and Phillip Phillips. Santa will also make an appearance; Mario Lopez and his dimples will emcee. The ceremony will conclude with fireworks.

Now, if this Michael Bolton was performing, I’d deal with the surly LA crowds to watch.


One thought on “Hey Los Angeles …

  1. Hey, careful there! I used to be a HUGE Michael Bolton fan! One of my most embarrassing moments involved his music – I had moved Tamy up from Dallas to her folks in South Bend, while I lived with my folks in the Chicago suburbs. I was driving back from South Bend, heart-broken that I wouldn’t see Tamy for another few weeks, when “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” came on the radio. Yep – there I was, westbound on I-94 (or I-90 – I forget which), singing along at the top of my lungs in my Cavalier, tears streaming down my face.
    Hey, love makes you do crazy things – like listen to Michael Bolton! 😀

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