So that happened.

My uterus is safe for four more years, as are all the uteruses of this country!

Congrats Barack Obama!

Now go kick some ass!

Time for the GOP clowncar to get a major overhaul.

8 thoughts on “So that happened.

  1. I’m not a big BHO fan and never was (even though I’ve voted for him twice, now), but reading all the wails and whining by the ‘Pubs this morning has been extremely gratifying. And they’re still calling him a socialist and predicting the end of the world, same as they did 4 years ago. So no, I don’t expect much Red State Thinking change. (Using the term “thinking” very generously.)

  2. Hey, like I said elsewhere, don’t be TOO hard on Republicans, sometimes we vote for YOUR guy! 😉
    And my lady, it would be both my honour and privilege to protect your private parts!
    Um … wow … that came out SO wrong…. 😀

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