Concession Speechless

Now that Mitt Romney is a footnote in presidential campaign history, more info is coming out about his last few hours of his campaign. For example, he didn’t have a concession speech prepared–and it showed. Turns out, he believed the swill that was coming out of the right wing noise machine, and didn’t feel it was necessary to compose TWO speeches. We’ve all seen his concession speech–I use it as an insomnia cure by playing it on a loop with “Lawrence of Arabia.” He probably composed that little ditty on a spare pair of magic knickers whilst the Secret Service was high-tailing it out of there, and whilst Ann was cancelling campaign workers’ credit cards. Luckily, we have a copy of his, ahem, “victory” speech for our viewing pleasure.

Now, my fave part of this whole shock and awe that has hit the Romney campaign is the fact that the President Romney transition website went live for a short while yesterday. Nice to know that he was really planning on fucking over people by getting rid of the ACA, or by cutting it so much that you probably would lose your house if you got castrophically ill and your regular insurance wouldn’t cover your treatment. Yeah, he’s a real fucking patriot, and it’s so presidential to actually want to fuck over half the country.


He paid $25k for it too.


I have some friends who voted for Romney and I am sorry for their loss. I do and don’t get why they voted for him, just like I’m sure they feel the same way about me and my vote. While Obama ain’t perfect, he’s the one who will keep this country moving onward by not fucking over women, minorities, and the poor with archaic policies that will be headed up by folks like Allen West (“Secy of Defense”) and John Bolton (Secy of State). Of course, those are satirical choices, maybe these are closer to the truth. But, the idea of Scott Walker makes me realize that maybe these possibilities are Onion-esque too.

Only time will tell. You can find me at the bar if you need me.



15 thoughts on “Concession Speechless

  1. The real shame? This idiot will still be a player in another two, four, and eight years, and perhaps even become an “elder statesman” of the GOP – if they’re that dumb. Meanwhile, Gen. David Petraeus, a far-more-than-capable soldier and leader, has to commit political suicide because he got caught with his pecker where it didn’t belong – ONCE. Mittsie was gonna screw the whole dang COUNTRY over, every day for at least four years, and he comes up smelling like … well, crap, but that ain’t my point. What the heck is wrong with this country?
    (I’m NOT condoning adultery, and shame on Petraeus for his transgression. But c’mon – I’d rather go through a door with Petraeus on my six than walk down a street ANYWHERE in the country with Romney in the White House! Shoot – I still WOULD go through that door with Petraeus, even if he doesn’t know how to keep his sidearm holstered!)

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