A drop in the bucket

It seems like I’ve been all about cops these days.

One would think that the universe would give me a break on the cops-behaving-badly-storyline but apparently, that desire ain’t in the stars.

Of course it happened near Cleveland.

Courtesy of Cleveland.com

Dare gets 10 NE Ohio police officers in trouble

Seems *cough* innocent enough, right?

To emulate President Obama in the debate against that cuntdonkey Mitt Romney, “Please proceed, Governor.”

“MENTOR, Ohio (AP) — A veteran northeast Ohio police officer who put his head in a bucket of urine on a dare is being disciplined by his department, and nine colleagues who paid him for the task are being reprimanded.

The News-Herald in Willoughby (http://bit.ly/T32yKo ) reports an off-duty Mentor patrolman completed the dare last month, using a bucket from a makeshift urinal at a football game. Online video of the incident was reported to the city.”

Did someone say VIDEO? Why yes, they did. Sorry if my feigning surprise seemed phony in a Holden Caulfield kinda way, but I still suffer from this bad habit of giving people the benefit of the doubt.

And of course I’ve posted it for your viewing pleasure. FYI, it’s grody to the max.

Sooooo….the cops involved were reprimanded because they egged him on and each paid him fitty bucks to stick his noggin in a bucket o’ piss.

Let’s sit with this one a while. He, a grown man with responsibilities like carrying a gun and upholding the law, was dared to stick his head in a bucket of piss. Urine. Pee. Human waste. Recycled beer.

Apparently being a public servant ain’t what it used to be with the high pay, great bennies, huge fucking pensions and all. His friends felt the need to supplement his income but only if he worked for it. Now.. hmm…how could that be accomplished whilst drunk?

Let that wash over you while you also wade through this final tidbit:

“An investigator reported that several officers who were involved described the incident as “disgusting” but said they didn’t think it violated the department’s conduct code.”

So much for being a cop 24/7.

There is nothing left to say.




13 thoughts on “A drop in the bucket

  1. Thanks for this great new fundraising idea. Who doubts that people would come to a public venue and pay a few bucks to watch cops dunk their heads in buckets of pis? Pis they could provide themselves after buying a few beers (proceeds to go to the sponsoring non-profit, of course). And now that we know there are cops who will gladly do this, it’s Win-Win!

      • hey Hey HEY! ILLINOIS is my state! I’m only hanging out here for a few years! 😀
        Though I have considered painting my house yellow and blue to piss off the OSU fans. But I’ve decided to hold that in reserve – I figure if the idiots that share our driveway do something to insult me, I’ll paint THEIR house in Michigan colours, then send the picture to the Columbus TV stations. I figure I’ll a couple hours to get hoses laid before the crowd torches their house! 😉

      • Well, between reading stuff about Brit sci-fi in the late 70s and 80s, proofing fanzines for Brits in the late 80s and early 90s, and being a British Coldstream Guardsman in the 90s, I just got into the habit of using British spellings. If you read my comments long enough, you’ll notice notice that the colour is grey, I’m honoured to meet you, and I am without defence against your charms! Though it always has been, and always will be, aluminum – not “aluminium” (pronounced al-yoo-MIN-ium. 😀 (Just like it will ALWAYS be Sears Tower – I don’t care how many times they sell the bloody building!)

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