Target as a target

I got this the other day.

“Julia –

In the last week, over 230,000 people have signed my petition asking my employer, Target, to change its Black Friday shopping hours to let employees have Thanksgiving dinner with our families.

The response from media has been incredible, too — I was interviewed on the Today Show, and my story has been covered by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NBC, and major newspapers across the country!

When I started my petition, I didn’t expect it to get this much attention. Shortly after my petition took off, Target employees in others stores across the country were inspired to take action as well by starting their own petitions. The response from both employees and customers alike has been unanimous — Target should set an example by stopping the trend of retailers opening earlier and earlier for Black Friday deals. 

We have real momentum, and this Monday, I’ll be delivering my petition with over 230,000 signatures to Target Headquarters — click here to join us and add your name.

After I was on TV, my manager offered me Thanksgiving day off. But I declined. This isn’t about just me — it’s about respecting one of the few days retail workers have a year to spend time with loved ones. 

I know that Target is feeling the heat, and the more signatures we have to show them on Monday, the more they’ll feel pressured to change their Thanksgiving hours. Sign my petition now.

Thanks for your help — and Happy Thanksgiving. 

Casey St. Clair
Corona, California”

Let me get this straight–in this shitty shitty piss piss fuck fuck economy, you actually have a job and while it might not be your ideal job, it’s more than a lot of us have. Also, Ms. St. Clair has worked at Target for a while, you know, BY CHOICE, see.

Target decides they want to open on Thanksgiving night because, well, they are kinda choady but hey, they’re not here to be all PC n’ shit–they’re here to make a big, ass buck or two. In order to open on Thanksgiving night to deal with the throngs of shoppers who have some sick desire to get away from their alcohol-fueled, overstuffed gobs and feuding holiday family fun time to load up on gifts to give to their ungrateful, spoiled spawn, Target needs its employees to work. I know, I know, that’s crazy talk!

Target employees got wind of this and the whining wah wah wah starts. And since online petitions are the latest “It” Girl, someone decided to start one protesting big old mean Target. Then, the media gets wind of it as does, and now we’re being bombarded with online bitch and moan sessions.

Give me a break.

Here’s an idea: If you don’t want to work holidays, don’t get a job in retail.

In other words… SHUTTIE.

24 thoughts on “Target as a target

  1. The only reason they are open is because people will buy. It s the same reason politicians run negative ads (remember those?) They do it because it works. This is not Target’s fault…blame the buying public for driving the demand…. Try being salary and getting called in without the dbl/tripl OT….

    • I don’t feel too sorry for management–Management doesn’t feel the low-pay sting the way actual workers in these stores feel. management usually has much better benefits and perks than the workerbees.
      Management is normally better educated than the average worker so if they’re laid off, the chances of them finding another job macht schnell are much better.

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  3. In the film industry I have worked every single holiday including Christmas. I agree. And this petition is doomed to fail unless all of Taget’s competitors agree to the same hours on Black Friday. Target is not about to give all the early shoppers over to their competitors.

    • when i worked in the business, I did too! It’s par for the course for some industries.
      That pitiful little petition ain’t gonna do jack shit. But hey, gotta admire their chutzpah.

  4. As an Vegan atheist, I don’t believe in Turkey Day, Pilgrims, or the Great Pumpkin anyway, so I’d be happy to work among the losers and misfits who go shopping at Target on Thanksgiving. Just remember — Heffalump is better than none.

  5. When I worked in network news, in order to get Xmas off I always volunteered to work Thanksgiving — and that often meant having to work three of the four days of that long weekend. The way I saw it the hand over fist overtime I earned paid for my Xmas gifts and flight west to visit my family. Some industries just require working on holidays, TV news is one and retail is another. I agree, if you don’t like it, quit. Someone else will fill that job vacancy in a heartbeat in this economy; maybe someone that used to work at Hostess.

  6. I agree with you, I worked holidays when I had a job. It was part of the deal. I didn’t really mind.
    The one thing is that petitions on line do seem to be doing some good though. A number of environmental issues have been addressed and small changes have happened so I can’t really slag them off.
    But yes to complain about having a job in this time is rather sad, when so many are unemployed.
    All the restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving dinner no one is complaining.

  7. SSDDRTT. In other words, Same Stuff, Different Day, Right To Trash. I got the EXACT same note. And it went STRAIGHT to the trash. My wife is working at Wal-Mart, which is a BIG step up from the privately owned restaurant she used to work at – better pay, better benefits, and a FAR better work environment. (She worked in the kitchen, which regularly reached 120 degrees during the summer, and even higher sometimes. What did the “job creator” owner do? Put in a pool – at their SECOND home.)
    It’s simple. Ya don’t like workin’ Turkey Day? QUIT! Ya don’t want stores open on T-day? Don’t SHOP! There’s only one reason Target and Wal-Mart will be open this Thursday – the pinheads who want to shop. If everybody stopped GOING on Thursday, betcha they wouldn’t be opening then! 🙂

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