Settle? NEVER!

Looks like I’ll be covering this case next month.

It’s a doozy too.

From Justia:

“Eilman, a college student, was arrested outside an airport after behaving so badly that agents had called police. Eilman had developed bipolar disorder following an auto accident the previous year. She had not taken her medication and did not tell the police about her mental-health condition.

By phone, her mother and stepfather told officers about her disorder. They did not believe the stepfather and the officer who talked to her mother did not share the information.

Officers thought that Eilman was being difficult or was on drugs. In custody, Eilman alternated between calm and manic.

Officers released her into a neighborhood she did not know, near a public-housing project with an exceptionally high crime rate without returning her cell phone.

She was raped and either jumped or was thrown out a seventh-story window. She suffered permanent, serious brain damage. In a suit by her guardian under 42 U.S.C. 1983, the district court denied some of defendants’ claims of qualified immunity.

The Seventh Circuit reversed in part, noting that whether police should have understood Eilman’s need for medical care is a factual issue and that police may have made her situation worse by releasing her far from where she was arrested.”

Hmm..I smell the stench of Chicago Police Department cover-up.

I know, perish the thought! Word on the street is that both parties were talking settlement–something to the tune of $100 million. However, it appears that the city of Chicago would rather fight this than settle. Fighting it out hasn’t worked so well for the city in the not-so-distant past. Don’t believe me? Read my coverage of the Anthony Abbate Jr. civil trial at

This is a horrible case, but I’ll be there. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Settle? NEVER!

  1. Yeah, that sounds like the CPD, unfortunately. Their rights’ abuse record is, well, not the best in the land. I’d really press why the woman was released so far from her point of arrest. Shoot, the Geneva convention makes countries hold prisoners of war in the same climatic conditions where they’re captured. (Of course, that backfired when we collected Germans in North Africa in 1942, and promptly shipped the poor buggers to the west Texas desert.)
    Definitely one part of my Chicago heritage I WON’T brag about. 😦

  2. I wish I could believe we could tell ourselves it is all confined to Chicago. But as police depts get more and more military minded (less brain celled – an yes, being a veteran, I CAN say that) and more steeped in fear of their own populace? I fear we will se more of this irresponsible, thoughtless, dangerous treatment of people who qualify as liminal in any way at all.

    • It’s not confined to Chicago, sadly. Our situation isn’t helped by the fact our Mayor won’t do anything to change the culture (none of the mayors did anything to quell it). The fear of the populace is something to consider.
      I also wonder if these police brutality cases would drop if the victims were paid out of the police PENSION instead of having us tax-payers foot the bill. Something to ponder.

      • Whaaat? Personal police responsibility?? What are you, some kinda commie agitator? :::::faints of sarcasm overdose::::

        Um…yeah, fear flogging and unintended results. We knew a bright young woman who had long wanted to work for the Seattle PD, she finally got through the Academy and on the job. She quit less than two years later. She said she got sick of being told “NEVER wear your uniform in to work, you might get shot or beaten up.”….and that was just the start of the “stay safe from our own citizens” briefing they got too often.

  3. I also remember this case. I’m not a fan of cops but the Chicago police sound like they’re amongst the worst in the country. If I was a Chicagoland tax payer, I’d be even more outraged with their gross negligence. We’ve certainly had our problems with thug cops here in the Apple, but maybe it’s harder to whitewash horrific snafus in the media capital of America.

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