Enough is Enough

When it’s easier to get a gun than mental healthcare in this country, it’s time to nuke this place from space and start over.

I’d love to know just how many people (read: CHILDREN) have to die in the name of the oh-so-outdated and UNNECESSARY Second Amendment? Are guns that much more important than a healthy and productive society? Guns have no place in modern society–maybe that’s naive and if it is, fuck you.

The worst part is what happened today in Newtown will happen again and again before Obama and Congress decide to grow a pair and take the gun lobby on. This isn’t a time to cling to your personal rights, this is the time to put down your beloved gun, put on a brave face, and admit that YES, a well-armed society is a doomed society.

This is ridiculous, folks. Twenty children died today along with six adults. Don’t throw that tired, fucked-in-the-head “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” mantra  at me because it’s thoughtless, cruel and so shit-covered that the even the most hungry of species wouldn’t eat it to save itself. As of this week, concealed-carry is now a go in Illinois. I had such high hopes for my home state–hopes that we weren’t gonna have to watch the paranoia parade that the NRA and its minions have been goose-stepping around this country–take place on my home turf. But it happened and once again, the rights of weaponry trump the rights of humans.

Take a moment and look around you–we live in a society. Sure, there are bad elements here and there–I live in Chicago fer chrissake–which has the highest murder rate so far in the Land of the Free–but does this mean we have to arm ourselves to the rafters because of what MIGHT happen? If you’re that paranoid, take the money you were going to spend on a gun and a license, and pay for some sessions with a psychiatrist. If you still feel the same way about owning a gun because it’s your ‘right’, then you’re ‘brave’ enough to spend some time with a parent who lost a child today and tell him/her why your gun is so important.

16 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Guns in the hands of people DO kill people, I too am sick of that mantra. Americans had more gun caused deaths than ANY other first world nation last year. That needs to be looked at in a calmer less “OMG, don’t take my gun” way./Users/labrys6/Desktop/handguns-via-aaronpaul_8-on-twitter.png

  2. Jules, what happened today sucks. Everyone is in a downer mood because of it, including myself.

    I’m seeing a lot of people online talking about it right now. People are emotional and “yelling” at the top of their lungs, and rightfully so. It’s another tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.

    When stuff like this happens, I think about a lot of things. First thing I do is put myself in the shoes of the people that were directly affected by it. Second, I look around and listen to all of the reactions outside that group. Third, I think “what’s next”.

    What really scares the fuck out of me — even more so than thinking about “what if it were my family” — is when people consider really big, really important decisions at the height of their emotions. A straight head is the best head for making big/important decisions, or any decision for that matter. Impulse buying, irrational outbursts to a spouse — it doesn’t matter what it is. That’s an important thing to remember — not just in today’s circumstance.

    This is one of those things that “scares the fuck out of me”: “does this mean we have to arm ourselves to the rafters because of what MIGHT happen?”

    The same logic could be applied to outlawing guns. Outlawing guns won’t eliminate guns. Prostitution, drugs — go on down the line. It still happens. People that want a gun in order to do something like what happened today will find a way to get one, if that’s their intention.

    I don’t want to see precedents of that magnitude, in this country, ever. The right to own a gun for personal protection is a basic right — it’s not outdated. Shit will happen regardless. That’s unfortunate.

    If something like that were to pass, our lives could change very drastically.

    For the record, I don’t own a gun and I never have. I don’t plan on buying one anytime soon.

    Please don’t nail me to a cross because of my opinion. I know we have different views.

    Agree or not, do you at least see my point of view?

    • I happen to like humans more than guns.

      It’s time for the Constitution–the Second Amendment to be changed.

      We all have our own opinions about this and you know what? I wasn’t yelling–I’m Captain Obvious here. This is the time to talk about this.

      • Captain Obvious: fast forward 20 years after amending the Constitution.

        Did it end violence?

        The problem is a lot more complex than just outlawing guns. Push for it. And then what?

        What happened isn’t because of a weapon, it’s because a weapon was in the hands of a sick-minded individual that didn’t have any respect for himself, the society he lived in, or the weapon in his hand. There’s a lot more people out there of the same mindset. And I agree, guns shouldn’t be in the hands of people like that.

        It’s a shallow-minded fantasy to think that guns are the only reason why people do shit like this. A lot of people own guns that aren’t out of their minds. It’s a huge responsibility to own and operate one.

        People need to relearn respect

        To add, turn off the fucking news. It just feeds the sickness that’s growing in this society. News is one thing, but when people sit in front of their TV’s soaking up every single gory detail about a tragedy, I think that’s just as fucking sick as the tragedy itself.

        Here’s a good philosophical question for you: “Should the Media be held Socially Responsible for donating at least a portion of their profits made from tragic events to the families of the victims that they exploit? Or to a good cause?”

      • Nope. Not gonna. But this type of brow-beating is very male–I’m not agreeing with y’all so you feel the need to keep after me with the same, tired arguments until I do. It ain’t gonna happen–ever. Soooo, it’s best that you save your typing for another post on another day.

        Peace and hair grease.

      • Um .. at the risk of displaying the depths of my density, you aren’t talking about me, are you? ‘Cause if you are – and I have truly been so oblivious – then my apologies. If not, well, my apologies for my gender. We tend toward the overly obvious – if not oblivious – and repetition. Remember, if a little is good, a lot is better. 😉

  3. I gotta argue with you, but only in degree. I’ve got 5 firearms – 3 WW2 bolt-action rifles, and 2 revolvers. NONE of them have ever fired a live round in my hands, and had I not gotten into WW2 re-enacting, I wouldn’t even have them. I don’t begrudge hunters having firearms (though I have some small problems with hunting – but that’s MY neurosis), nor do I begrudge people having one or two for “home defence”. But assault rifles? Hell no! Machine guns? Only full-sized (as used IN World War 1 or 2), and firing wood-tipped blanks. Sub-machine guns? Same thing as MGs. And NOBODY needs a mag or belt with more than 8 live rounds. Period. If you’ve got a drum magazine equipped Thompson SMG with 100 rounds, you should have to be licensed out the wazoo. Ditto the MGs and SMGs. FULL background checks, not just a quick scan for felonies. Everybody licensed (and paying for it – revenue!), and if you do ANYTHING at a felony level, even without the gun, you lose ALL your rights. And make the dang laws NATIONAL, not the hodge-podge that allows Chicagoans to drive to Indiana and pick up a half-dozen Aks!

      • Not praising. Not condoning, just comprehending. There are thousands of people (my father included) who have owned guns for decades without so much as a powder burn or metal splinter. Hunting, target shooting, and yes – re-enacting are all legitimate reasons to own a firearm. BUT! But – firing a blank out of a bolt-action rifle is a HELL of a lot different than some punk with a 30-round clip in an AK-47. There are good, strong rules in some areas, like Chicago. But with full-auto kits sold side-by-side with M-16s, EVEN in the Chicago area, good strong rules here and there aren’t enough.
        I’m not ready to see every firearm in America destroyed tomorrow. But I a VERY ready to see some tough, common-sense rules AND enforcement come into play, even if I have to pay more for it. Banning ALL weapons is not fair to those reasonable owners who go for DECADES without having a single incident. There MUST be some middle ground. But if a total ban is the ONLY answer, if we as a country have become SO stupid that we can’t talk and reason, then I’ll melt my WW1 and WW2 firearm-momentos down myself.
        But then what do we do about the loon in China that stabbed several kids earlier today? Do we ban kitchen knives? Baseball bats? Two-by-fours?
        We need to be responsible. Not just for ourselves, but for our community, for actions taken that we could stop (but chose not to for profit), and for actions not taken that should (again, due to profit or selfish interest).
        Is this a rant? Maybe. Is it something we need to talk about? Definitely. Will we ever see or hear the proper answer? I doubt it. That’s the curse of freedom. We can be the extremists we hate, and ban all freedoms, or we can be completely for freedom, and stand back while others murder. Or we can THINK, and TALK.

      • Oh and the banning knives, cars, etc because they also kill is tired NRA-based fucked in the head argument. It lacks logic, intelligence and it’s a distraction to the true problem here–guns. You know, there was another school tragedy yesterday too–in China. A man got into a school with a knife and slashed 22 kids. But you know what? No one died. Then we have what happened in Connecticut. A true tale of two countries.

    • Oh and as a friend of mine said earlier: “The 2nd Amendment was written at a time when our greatest threat was the King of England’s troops, there were no assault weapons, and slavery was totes legal and okay. Just saying that sometimes, revisiting rules that haven’t been updated in 220+ years may be something to look into.” –What’s wrong with amending something that is sooo out of date?

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