Les Jiz


Some people are so creative. Especially porn stars. I mean, who else coulda come up with double penetration?

(Thanks to kingdong.com)

(Thanks to kingdong.com)

Now that I’ve given you ideas of how to ring in the New Year with your gardener and pool boy, let’s get on with my story.

From Moral Low Ground.

Japanese Porn Star Uta Kohaku Collects Fans’ Semen for New Video

I … I … yep.

(h/t espanol.lpcdigital.com)

(h/t espanol.lpcdigital.com)

I don’t know what was funnier–researching this woman and her quest to have her fans send her bottles of spunk, or hearing my friend’s comments when we happened upon an Asian porn site. The categories were typical: Bukkake, Threesomes, Girl-on-Girl… zzzzzz. But, what tickled his fancy was the “Asians with Big Tits” category because according to him, “Asian broads don’t normally have big tittehs.” Great. Now the world can go back to spinning.

Anyhoo, it turns out, Miz Uta Kohaku, who has starred in such classics as “Porn Star Virgin Tastes Male Virgin First Time” and “Nipple Play with Lesbian Duo“, was looking for co-stars of sorts for her upcoming opus “Semen Collection 2” which can only mean there’s a “Semen Collection 1” swimming around the universe for us to feast our eyes upon! HOT DAMN! So, her bosses at RADIX STUDIOS alerted the Twitterverse and lo and behold, Japan turned into one big circle jerk. The rest is history.

(courtesy capitalbay.com)

(courtesy capitalbay.com)

What is this world coming to?



13 thoughts on “Les Jiz

  1. Double penetration? I have a hard enough time finding one man I want in my bed, let alone two!! Quite amused by them sending their samples in in soda type bottles. Have you thought how small the mouths of the bottles are?? Which makes me think their penises must be also!! Hahaha

  2. #1: That’s gonna leave a mark. Hope she likes shittin’ into a plastic bag the rest of (lifespan-shortened) days;
    #2: Well, I guess it’s better than having surgery to make your eyes more “Caucasian”.

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