Now What?

I’m back.. sort of. I’ve been in a funk for the past few weeks–job rejections and weird personal stuff–good, bad and sad–have sidelined me for a bit.

Y’all ain’t rid of me yet, though. You’ll see soon enough.

First, some fun. Ahem.

Feast yer peepers at this impressive hunk of man-meat, then check out Mickey Rourke.


Question: When did he start looking like my dead great-grandmother?

Then, I found this.

maninspeedoI think the meaning of life is in this photo. I’ve figure it out, now let’s see what you can conjure up.

In the meantime, I’m in the early stages of developing a podcast of sorts with a few of my pals here in the Windy City, and well, beyond too. Since there ain’t shit in this town for work for a fab gal like myself, I gotta find other ways to fill my days that don’t entail booze, men, hooch and free Internet porn. I’ve got a damn fine brain and wicked sense of humor, I might as well put the two to good use. I also have smart, witty friends who I know would love to join in the fun.

So, please feel free to send me topic ideas and if you want to be a guest, well, we can discuss that too.



16 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. From one getting-back-into-it to another, welcome back (yeah, I know, late as usual). Gotta admit, I wasn’t payin’ a whole lotta attention to Mr. Rourke in photo one, there, but I think he and Gary Busey are sharing cosmetologists. Or stylists. Or crack pipes….

  2. I remember when I thought Mickey Rourke was good looking. But that was in his Diner days. Now he’s just a train wreck, that poor bastard. As for the second photo, I’m not sure which is more cringeworthy, the fat hair guy with the Speedo or the creepy octagenarian with the implants wearing the bikini.

  3. Susie’s blog sent me this way… Thankfully, I’m from Chicago, so I get the warped/wackiness… All I can say is…who knew implants could droop! As for Mickey Roarke…He really needs to stop with the plastic surgery.

  4. Um, nice to meet you. This is an awkward first way to meet. I’m here from Susie’s. Good thing I pushed past and read another piece. This is certainly an off first impression to make. Hmmm. Maybe this was brilliant on your part. It did lead to multiple clicks, afterall. 😉

  5. Jules, I just noticed while peter gazing at your cover photo, that a couple of those guys seem to have amazing schlongs hidden within the confines of their “I-love-to-go-swimmin’-with-bowlegged-women” swim trunks. I know. . . I am a perv of the highest order! lol

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