Vivian Maier & Copyright

Hey everyone,

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. It was frustrating, exhilarating and fun. Now it’s done.

Please read it and feel free to let me know what you think!

Thanks again.

Now…back to my blog. A new post coming soon.

15 thoughts on “Vivian Maier & Copyright

  1. Excellent reporting about a fascinating woman, Jules. I agreed with Randolf Hurts’ comment:

    “I think a far better tribute to the late Vivian Maier would be a free museum for all to enjoy her works. Instead of three dudes selling everything off piecemeal, making money of(f) someone else’s work.”

    But you know that I’m a socialist.

    • Julia, this is a great and much-needed article. The Vivian Maier saga gets more interesting and tangled every day. Her work is so touching and brilliant — I have seen several exhibits here in Chicago. Particularly like the way the images are displayed at the Chicago History Museum.
      I like to speculate on what might have happened if she hadn’t been so poor and had lived longer. She might have gained the confidence to show her work to someone. Would she have become the toast of 21st century photography? Toasted at gallery openings? Signed copies of her own books at Barnes & Noble?

      • It really does. I read the guardian ad-litem report about her and it’s so sad, so tragic. She died a pauper. Did you see the BBC doc about her? It’s on YouTube and worth checking out. Thanks for commenting and for following!

      • Thanks for the follow, Jules/Julia. I wrote a short piece on Vivian Maier last fall on my blog.

        I haven’t seen the BBC show but will look for it.

        Were you by chance the person who gave a talk on Maier a few months ago at the history museum? If you’re not, do you know the name of the speaker (I know; missing a few details). I don’t think she was an academic. Her talk was really interesting — about the competition for use of her work between Maloof, Goldstein, etc.

        I also write for Gapers Block, by the way. Mostly theater reviews.

        Best wishes, Nancy

      • I think that was Pamela Bannos from Northwestern who gave the talk at the history museum. She’s incredible.

        I’ll check out your work at GP! Thanks for the tip!

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