Five Things: September 19, 2013

I thought I’d put my Feedly reader to good use and point out some of the more outrageous/interesting/heinous/gnarly/silly, etc. stories cruising around out there.

1) Apparently, Stand Your Ground REALLY only applies to white folks when they shoot black and brown folks, not the other way around. How dare you think that the law is applied evenly and fairly? You think it is? Then, it’s time to take off your fucking rose-colored specs because they’re blinders smeared with shit. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

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ANOTHER Jailed African American In Florida Is Told ‘Stand Your Ground’ Doesn’t Apply To Him

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Michael Giles (courtesy of

Funny thing about laws, they gotta apply to everyone. Oh wait, this is Florida so there’s the rub. While I am not a fan of online petitions, this one might be worth signing.

2) It’s deja-vu–1991 style–all over again.


Gennifer Flowers is back in the news. She’s now yammering about how that if it weren’t for Chelsea, she and Bill would be all married up n’ shit by now. Oh, and Hillary’s a bi-seck-shul, by the way according to Gennifer via Bill. AND, Hill’s eaten more pussy than Bill. Just sit with that one for a minute. Let it absorb in your being and ooze in and out of your  ….

I know what you’re trying to do now–you’re trying to get that image of Hillary muff diving out of your mental Rolodex. You know what? IT CANNOT BE DONE. I’m sure some of my Sapphic Sisters can relate though.

(courtesy of

(courtesy of

You get what’s going on here, yes? Well, Hillary will probably run for POTUS in 2016, so the Right Wing is starting early with the rumor mill. HOWEVER, what they probably don’t realize is that by saying that Hillary swings both ways, she’s collected all of the gay money and has shored up the gay vote. Gays have lots of cash and lots to say, and unfortunately for our brothers and sisters on the right, lots and lots of influence. Nice try, RWNJ, better put a call into Monica to see what she’s been up to lately, you know, as a ‘just in case.’ If Monica is busy, there’s always her.

3) Good luck, Felony. You’re gonna need it.



4) Bring up your dead. I know you saw what I did there.

This case is still very much alive in Boulder these days.

Here’s what I’m talking about. Apparently, some folks just can’t let dead baby beauty queens stay dead. This was a horrible case–not just the actual crime, but how it was handled and screwed up by the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder DA.

(via KTLA)

(via KTLA)

But, what’s extremely important here is the indictment against the Ramseys was never made available to the public. It was presented to a grand jury, they voted to prosecute the Ramseys for the murder of their daughter, JonBenet, but the prosecutor never signed it. Why? This is what Charlie Brennan, a reporter for the Daily Camera and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press would like to know. Simply put, in a so-called free society, there has to be transparency. As journalists, this is our main job–to be watchdogs for and of society. We uncover the corruption, the crap–the bad behavior if you will–that so many of our esteemed elected officials would rather you not know about. I know I’ll be following this story because I don’t think it’s over yet. Stay tuned.

5) Finally, a song for today. Tis a grand one too. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Five Things: September 19, 2013

  1. Look, before this goes any further, I just want to state for the record that there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Marco Rubio is a Lesbian, OK? Sure, he’s made some mistakes in his life, but who hasn’t, and besides, who among us would cast the first stone? OK? But even so, this isn’t one of them and besides what he does with his own time and, um, equipment isn’t anybody’s business but his own and his god(s), some of whom are perfectly nice deities presumably straight like him. OK? OK?

  2. My Lord! Why stuff my head with all this…this…stuff first thing in the morning?! It’s going to be a sunny day in New York. I’m seeing a show tonight. But now I have these niggling thoughts about injustice. I’m going to work my way back to numb as soon as I can.

    Hilary C. being bisexual makes me want to vote for her even more. Smear fail.

  3. I actually cannot get an image of Hillary muff-diving. I must be lesbo-porn deprived or something? Or, wait…I know!! I don’t give a damn what OTHER consenting adults do with their equipment. Wow, the whole right wing-tard team just splorted coffee or Budweiser out their noses, right? :::high five:::: Anyone who would ‘slut out’ their wee daughter in pageants would sure as hell be MY first lookie-lookie if I was a cop investigating a dead child, but likely that is cause I am a knuckle-dragging feminist/humanist who opposes using people as means to an end, as per Immanuel Kant.

    This is doubtless why, in the eyes of the Right, I can’t have nice things?

    • I know! I bet the parents did it too (mom died a few years ago from ovarian cancer–ick), but why didn’t the DA prosecute?? what was in that indictment? I bet pops doesn’t care.
      as for what people do in their marriages, who gives a shit and why does that matter if someone is running for higher office? move on, GOP, nothing to see here.

      • Specially since when the GOP decide to walk on the wild extra-marital side….man, they don’t exactly ‘square dance’ do they? And yet, the standards THEY maintain for the Dems? Wow, sainthood so near…

        And me, I think the mother did it. Cancer is the least ick she deserved if I am right.

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