Five for Friday: September 20, 2013

So, I’m going to continue with this Five Things idea for a bit to see where it takes me.

1) I got this little gem via a journo listserv I’m a member of.

“An unnamed digital media company in Chicago seeks stories at $7 a pop.”

I’ll keep the next few sentences simple since I’m sure you’re also in a state of shock due to what you just read. We want four AP style stories a day with a word count hovering around 400 per story. Great communication skills are a must. Please send your resume and 4 clips to

After I fashioned a bag of ice over my sore noggin (it’s sore from banging it against the wall after reading the listserv email), I tried to imagine the level of the mind that believes it’s okay to pay a writer a measly $7/post. Why the hell not? Them’s just words! Anyone can do it! You know, that makes total sense so sign me up!

I’d rather eat ground glass.

2) I wanna know the methodology that was used for this study.

Penis Map Of The World Exposes Weenie Size In Each Country

Plus, ain’t it kinda a cool that dong size has little to do with potency? See, that’s how it’s done denizens of certain South American and African countries. Not only are the Indians and Chinese kicking our asses in so many other ways, their wee schvantzes are helping to produce shitloads of humans to ensure that they’ll be kicking our asses for generations to come. In other words, size ain’t an issue … in some instances.



3) This is real. Not kidding.



It’s the latest Boeing 777 in Eva Air’s fleet of flying machines. Eva Air, by the way, is the Taiwanese airline. You can get in touch with your inner-confused hipster who sports ironic tats, facial hair, piercings and fedoras, by taking one of the three flights between Taipei and Los Angeles each week. Then, you can Instagram it, put pix of you acting all goofy inside the plane on one of your many Tumblrs, then get a tat of the plane on your lower back.

4) Now, this tat was on a “20 Tattoos That You Should Get Removed” page. I’m confused though–I don’t see what the problem is.

(via RedCastle83)

(via RedCastle83)

5) Aaaaaaaaaaaand I’ll just leave this here. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday: September 20, 2013

  1. That $7 a pop for stories is a sad commentary about the devaluation of the written word in the age of the Internet where so much writing is available for free online. Some of it is even quality writing. Back to this “unnamed digital media company” I wonder how it was decided that $7 is a worthy wage? If you’re going to pay such an insignificant amount, why pay anything?

    I did check out the penis size map story on the Huff Po link. Did you watch their video: “Most Extreme Penises In Animal Kingdom”? Very educational viewing. I must share it with Milton, give him something to suck on.

  2. My understanding is that The Huffington Post pays NOTHING, or it used to. And how much are we currently paid for blogging? Nada. So this is progress.

    Several years ago I was in the gym locker room and a black guy walked in. I felt immediate SHAME for thing my shallow, stereotypical, racist thoughts. Then he took his pants off. Ya know, some stereotypes contain some elements of truth. Wow!

  3. Seven dollars per story?? Seriously? Wow. How many miserable bastards will be cranking out stories for that slave wage? I do like that penis size story, though. I wonder how much someone paid for *that* study? And was the study done only on flaccid wangs or did they also get their subjects to stand at attention for science? Because THAT would be interesting, ie, the percentage of growers vs showers, etc. But no fucking way am I flying Hello Kitty Air. Meanwhile, I’m not sure if the first person to get a Tattoo tattoo is crazy or genius, or CRAZY GENIUS.

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