Five for Friday: September 27, 2013

Another work week has come to an end. While for me, the one who’s been unemployed for about 140 weeks, it’s just another day. To me, days just flow into one another. One doesn’t have more significance than another. They’re all the same to me.

I’m not being a Debbie Downer, it’s the truth. This is my life these days.

I’m living the dream, folks.

1) Who knew that Portland would have one of these?



I haven’t considered working there–not yet. But, it is tempting. I didn’t find this whilst trolling for jobs in Portland, I found about it via the media. Turns out, New Jersey’s Great Hope to Save ‘Murica From Itself has been embroiled in a milquetoast imbroglio with a ‘stripper model weirdo’ who peels her clothes off for moola at a vegan strip club in Portland, Oregon.

Wait..what? Who cares about the politico having secksy time via Twitter with a woman he ain’t supposed to that’s been done too much and is now very boring. Yawn. But…um.. A VEGAN STRIP CLUB? Get the fuck out! Now, I do understand the allure of vegan restaurants, vegan grocery stores, vegan vacations…but a strip club? Like knowing that the peelers don’t wear animal products and that the food menu is vegan. Yeaa haa. Super. How PC. Very cool, very hip.

One question: Who goes to a strip club because it’s vegan.

You’re doing it wrong. Or, it’s so right that it just blew my mind.

2) Food of The Gods.

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 1.51.00 PM


It’s Oreo Peanut Butter. I can die happy now.

3) Ahhh…. my hometown. From

Prof’s Former Student Arrested after Crush Turned to Stalking, Police Say

“COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE —  A former Harold Washington College student’s crush turned criminal when she was arrested for stalking, authorities said.

Ghemeilia Butler, arrested 10 times for trespassing at the city college and for stalking her old teacher, “imagined in her mind that the two of them had a relationship.”

(via Chicago Police Department)

(via Chicago Police Department)

Ok, ok…I understand how some folks get all ‘hot for teacher’–I think that’s a very common occurrence. Those crushes usually disappear within a week, or by 4th period. But, this is a 34-year old woman, and she was in college and the whole thing is just stinkin’ weird–especially this part:

“Butler was a student of the unidentified professor for only half a semester in 2011, Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said.

Scaduto said Butler has been arrested 10 times for trespassing and violating an order of protection the teacher has against her.

Butler also sent more than 500 pages of emails to the professor, at one point suggesting that the two “get married and live in the victim’s classroom,” Scaduto said.”

Yep, I’m still cringing too.

4) And I thought meth was bad.


Flesh-Eating Drug Krokodil Hospitalizes 2 in Arizona

(DANGER WILL ROBINSON!! Extremely graphic video!)

“Medical authorities in Arizona have reported the arrival of a frightening flesh-eating drug that’s sent two people to the hospital with horrific injuries.

KLTV reports desomorphine, commonly called Krokodil, is very popular among the poor in Russia, but until now, there has been little or no reported use of the homemade drug in the United States.

Krokodil, a potentially deadly mix of codeine and hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, alcohol or paint thinner, causes flesh to rot from the inside out and can result in users developing festering sores that resemble crocodile skin, hence the drug’s name. Users inject it into their veins, which causes severe damage to blood vessels and tissue and, in some cases, rots flesh so completely that raw bone becomes exposed. Although Krokodil is boiled before injection, potentially lethal impurities remain.

According to KSAZ, doctors claim the average life expectancy of a Krokodil user is about three years, as the drug literally eats addicts alive.”

You take this drug and you rot from the inside out. Then, you die. Does anything else need to be said on the subject?


Russia is a shit hole.

And ..

Don’t fucking inject this shit into your body!

5) One of my favorite songs.



5 thoughts on “Five for Friday: September 27, 2013

  1. I have been employed for all 140 weeks you have not, but my job is a thankless, dead end, low wage grind and tomorrow is Monday for another five days where I take on the persona of the walking dead once again. I’m not sure who has it worse, but with all of my dietary issues I cannot savor a simple pleasure like Oreo peanut butter so I think you are one up on me.

  2. My wife mentioned Krokodil last night. Reminded me of the years just before the Soviet Union crumbled. One of the reformists (that lasted 5 minutes) decided the military drank too much vodka (REALLY?!?), and cut their allotment, so the fighter pilots started drinking the de-icing fluid from their planes. Yeah, the stuff is like 80% methanol (wood alcohol, makes you blind and eventually kills you) and 20% toxic crap (that just kills you). So colour me completely un-shocked that the Russkies would come up with Meth For The Mentally Challenged. 😀
    And, here in lovely rural Ohio, I am on the fringes of a war over a dog. “Family 1” (the asshats that share my driveway) has a daughter who was given the dog by her baby daddy to find it a good home. Family 1’s father kicked, beat, and starved it until it ran away. A friend of ours found it, cared for it, and waited the legal 72 hours without one SINGLE call to the shelter, animal control, the cops, or anybody. No fliers or nothing. So friend takes dog for walk after getting it tagged and to the vet, and F1 daughter spots it, runs into the street, screaming that our friend stole her dog, then calls in baby-daddy, his 16-yr old little brother, and his 30-going-on-72 meth-addled mom, who try to attack her to get the dog! (I stepped in and managed to get mom and young-weenie brother to back off.) So now F1 are agitating the cops to get the dog, that F1’s daughter was trying to find a good home for, back – WHILE THEY ARE IN THE MIDST OF BEING EJECTED FROM THE RENTAL HOME!
    Screw Ohio. I’ll take Chi-town’s weirdness any day.

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