Shut. It. Down. 9/30/13

I’m tired and worn out from monitoring the shitfest that is Congress, so here’s a post before the lights go out. Yes, I love y’all that much.

Oh and there’s lots of salty language and general pissy-ness in this post due to what’s going on in D.C.

1) **Sarcastic slow clap for Congress.**

The shenanigans that have been going on during the past few days are completely ludicrous, embarrassing and yes, racist. Okay folks…lemme ‘splain one more time: We have a Black President, it’s time to get the fuck over it. The ACA is the law of the land, and acting like a bunch of whiny little pricks because you can’t control everything is so detrimental to this country and not to mention, democracy. What creases me is Congress–whose approval rating is hovering around 10 percent–is being controlled by a minority of dumbfuck ‘muricans who don’t know their assholes from their eyeballs. This seriously makes me wanna vomit.

2) Musical interlude.

3) A great American city is on life support. 



I came across this excellent photo essay today via the Daily Mail/UK.

Ghosts of students past: Fascinating pictures of a derelict Detroit school… mixed with evocative images from its heyday



  • Photos of Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan, whose alumni include Diana Ross and Jack White
  • School moved to new building in 2005 which left original facility empty and it was later demolished last year
  • Largest school in Michigan by 1942 with 4,200 students attending eight-storey brick and limestone building

Click through this collection–the photos are stunning and humbling. The sad thing is, this could feasibly happen in every major city in the country if we’re not careful.

4) Hey, being born white is one helluva personal achievement. Where I fucked up is I WASN’T BORN MALE. What a filthy slut I am!

Via AutoStraddle and Jezebel.

Who’s Really to Blame for the Looming Government Shutdown? Sluts.

Yeah, a bunch of dried up white men with shriveled peens who probably haven’t had sex since Reagan was in power, are thinking about my cooch and how they can fuck with it without having to actually fuck it. Talk about a wasted hard-on, but in all seriousness, who would want to diddle these dudes? See, that’s why they’re pissed off–no self-respecting woman would EVAH see any of the conservative members’ members.

Bite me.

5) Apparently, there are folks out there who pay shit-tons of money to watch this.



It’s called CAKE SITTING. Yes. It is. True story. Do you really need me to explain it with words? I think not.



I’ve been looking for new revenue outlets and this might be the one for me. I like to bake and I like to sit. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

6 thoughts on “Shut. It. Down. 9/30/13

  1. I was born in Detroit, wish the city a huge renaissance. But I remember growing up there: It was a one-industry town where the car ruled. It prostrated itself to the industry that built it, and when that industry fell, of arrogance, to competition it forestalled for years, it had nothing left. An object lesson in the dangers of protectionism and non-diverse economies.

  2. I’ve seen other photo-essays on Detroit. One showed a concert hall, complete with gorgeous scrollwork on the ceiling trim and an exquisite grand piano on stage, covered in plaster dust and crumbling ceiling tiles. Like something out of a bad 1980s post-nuclear-war sci-fi story.
    And that last story? Yeah, I’ll give ya it’s pretty disgusting, but compared to the crap the Tea Party A-holes are pulling? Small potatoes. (Or is that the next course on your menu? 😉 )

  3. Not much of a Beatles fan but the song is pretty appropriate here.

    Those motherfuckers. Those slimy, pustulous motherfuckers. I think we should just napalm the Capitol building and start over. I have no more words for how criminally stupid I think they are.

    And my heart goes out to Detroit. They deserve better. And more.

  4. The shutdown is pathetic, and much is a result of the gerrymandering that has created overzealous reps. Good luck with the business venture, which sounds like a can’t-miss op. 😉

  5. Our politicians are an insult. When one team beats the other in the Super Bowl, they do not deny their opponent their victory. Why is Congress so dysfunctional that they’re determined to put the well being of the country in jeopardy because they hate Obama so much? Of course, the Obama-haters feel the same way about why he will not work with the lunatics in Congress. He was elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. Neither election was close. Get over it! Politicians are the sorest losers. They need 9/11 scale catastrophes to get along for an hour. They’re disgusting.

    Nice musical interlude, Jules.

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