Porn school update

Remember when I wrote about this chap and his schtupping school?

I sent him an inquiry about his classes and below is the response. Reminder, I did not edit it because it doesn’t need it. Really — it doesn’t.


;) winking Hi Julia … I am late responding ; but I was answering phones & stuff . How much are the classes ? ? ? They are FREE – for now . Once it catches on – then of course ; there will be a Fee … So join now – before there is a charge . Tell me though : what particular positions , are you most interested in learning how to do – The Correct Way ? Yeah , every person knows how to fuck ; but the question is – how many people are really Good , at fucking ? ? ? The answer is : Not Many … Thank you for asking the question Julia – I get that particular question ,all the time . So , are you ready to take a class , and see if you like the experience ? Call me at :  708-582-0286 , and make an appointment for your Private Class , at CHEAP THRILLS PHOTOGRAPHY :  8223 South WOODLAWN Avenue , CHICAGO , IL. 60619 … Usually , if you come between the hours of 8PM & 9PM – you do not have to call ahead , and make an appointment . Disclaimer : We do not engage in Prostitution , or pay any fees for sexual services .”

After cringing yet again about the horrible punctuation and creative sentence structure, I couldn’t stop giggling. I would love to know if the other folks who’ve asked this “particular question ,all the time” are serious or joking about it like I am. I have a feeling it’s a mixed bag.

His response, however, has raised more questions — Who else participates in these classes? Just how private are these classes? Do we have to do the nasty during the very first class? If so, with whom? Is there supplemental material we should pick up beforehand? Will there be exams? If so, how many? What type of exams are they: oral or written? What will we be graded on? Are there other courses we can take once we’ve completed this course? What else is on the syllabus? Is there even a syllabus? Is there extra credit? If so, what kind?

These are just some of the questions I have rolling around in my noggin at the moment. If you have any you’d like me to ask, please feel free to contact me.

Merry Christmas!