July is the cruelest month

Hot damn, Summer in the city

After last winter, I made a promise to myself NOT to bitch about the hot Chicago summers. February through late-May almost turned me into a meth addict because of the weather–it was depressing as fuck. Also, I’ve been in a less-than-pleasant mood because of my still dire financial situation, frustrating personal challenges and the fact that I haven’t been motivated to get me arse back into the Bikram yoga studio since my return from below the Mason-Dixon. The main reason for no Bikram is I’ve been working as a temp copy editor here, and it’s taking up all of my time, dammit. I mean, really! How dare a temp job that pays me well occupy every dark, sweaty corner of my life?!?

I kid! I kid, of course! I’m grateful for the gig.

But, I digress.

It is hotter than dragon snot outside.
But, I love how sticky and lush it is this time of year–even though it does feel like I’m breathing through a sweaty jockstrap–I’ll take this freckle-searing heat any day over the sub-zero crap we had in February. The downsides are the twice-daily showers, the runny make-up and not having clothing that adjusts from the scorching heat to the sub-zero AC in a nanosecond. Now, there’s an invention I’d like to see. This weather has released some questionable clothing choices from their hiding places. Now, these images aren’t ones I’ve snapped, but they’re very similar to what I’ve witnessed out and about on Michigan Avenue recently. Oy. Stop. My eyes. *Shakes head* Really? Finally, looks like two pigs fightin’ under a blanket.
I can’t look anymore–my eyes are starting to rebel.

I’m riveted by this story. It’s because I’m a journalist and my profession has taken a lot of necessary hits lately because of bad behavior, by not just desperate reporters but by their bosses. It’s also taken a lot of unnecessary hits by sub-mental choads like these fine folks. But, that’s a discussion for another time. Now, I’m not going to delve too deeply into this because there are others out there who’ve already spoken for me. Plus, I’m too damn tired and am in need of some bad tee vee. Our profession ain’t perfect–it’s riddled with bad behavior that’s been chastised vehemently. Good. It should be. What’s going on with Murdoch & his minions is embarrassing and reprehensible. Due to their incessant greed and callous attitudes, they’ve knocked journalism down a few more levels and that makes all of us look bad.

We don’t need that jive–not in this heat.