Settle? NEVER!

Looks like I’ll be covering this case next month.

It’s a doozy too.

From Justia:

“Eilman, a college student, was arrested outside an airport after behaving so badly that agents had called police. Eilman had developed bipolar disorder following an auto accident the previous year. She had not taken her medication and did not tell the police about her mental-health condition.

By phone, her mother and stepfather told officers about her disorder. They did not believe the stepfather and the officer who talked to her mother did not share the information.

Officers thought that Eilman was being difficult or was on drugs. In custody, Eilman alternated between calm and manic.

Officers released her into a neighborhood she did not know, near a public-housing project with an exceptionally high crime rate without returning her cell phone.

She was raped and either jumped or was thrown out a seventh-story window. She suffered permanent, serious brain damage. In a suit by her guardian under 42 U.S.C. 1983, the district court denied some of defendants’ claims of qualified immunity.

The Seventh Circuit reversed in part, noting that whether police should have understood Eilman’s need for medical care is a factual issue and that police may have made her situation worse by releasing her far from where she was arrested.”

Hmm..I smell the stench of Chicago Police Department cover-up.

I know, perish the thought! Word on the street is that both parties were talking settlement–something to the tune of $100 million. However, it appears that the city of Chicago would rather fight this than settle. Fighting it out hasn’t worked so well for the city in the not-so-distant past. Don’t believe me? Read my coverage of the Anthony Abbate Jr. civil trial at

This is a horrible case, but I’ll be there. Stay tuned.

(Attempted) Murder She Blocked

I dig Facebook. It’s no great secret. It’s fun, a monumental time-waster and a great tool for keeping up with old friends, finding new ones and for other assorted activities.

I especially like reading the comments under peoples’ status updates and posts. To me, the comments are similar to the letters to the editor sections of newspapers and magazines. You can learn a great deal about someone by their comment(s). Some make me laugh, some make think, then there is the rare comment that gives me pause. Why? I don’t really know. But, I end up reading the comment several times — maybe even walk away from it for a day or two, then reread it to see if I still gave a shit about it.

This particular one is the shit — and then some. I have no idea who this woman is, or if it even is a woman. I want full-safeties since I don’t want this fish coming back at me.

“I have blocked, defriended, etc. more people since the attempted murder incident than the entire time on FB. I literally got kicked out of my elementary school group b/c I defended myself against this alcoholic who said, “$***, I have contacted Dr. Marlena Evans of Days of Our Lives and she’ll be in touch soon.” Also, a gay guy – I love my gay friends and they want to track this dude down and make him use another gender identity term – was saying, “Well, I only know your side, not his…” (like anyone deserves to be stabbed). I said to all that he has PTSD and the VA did nothing. But a lot of people are blocking the hell out of people, so maybe everyone is going nuts…I’m not joining them, though.”