A Little of This, A Little of That…

Major rant coming on, then the news!

First, a word about blogging, blogs and their readers. While I love reading the blogs I subscribe to (they’re all so good in their own ways), I hate the arrogance that some folks on WP have with regards to allowing people to ‘like’ a post and subscribe to a blog. Some WP bloggers have disabled both options for reasons that I don’t quite understand, but I’m slowly beginning to see that it’s ego run amok. The author is forcing you to comment on a post you like instead of pressing the ‘like’ button–which to me–is classic passive-aggressive behavior. This is becoming more popular for some reason, and I’ve noticed that at least half of the blogs I subscribe to are starting to do this. It’s such a pain in the ass that I’m going to stop reading the blogs that I can’t participate with in the way I desire.

Why wouldn’t the author of a blog want readers to like a post they’ve worked tirelessly on? Why have the only option for subscribing to a blog via email? See, that shit drives me nuts. I don’t like clogging up my email with alerts from WP–even though I only do that for a select few. I like having all of my subscriptions in one place–in my WP Reader. Maybe this is done by some WordPressers because their worlds don’t exist much outside of WordPress and this is their way of controlling things. I don’t know. All I know is it’s so gauche, and I’m growing weary of it.

<<<END RANT>>>

It’s been some time since I’ve done a news round-up. Why? Well, the news has been a major doggie-downer as of late so the thought of writing about it was causing me to feel like I was going through heroin withdrawal. I’m not a huge fan of vomiting, writhing on the floor and soiling my knickers uncontrollably. If that’s your thing, then hey, knock yerself out.

But, I’m holding off on having those things happen to me until I’m at least 90 years old.

On to the news.

Have a piece of schadenfreude pie, Joe Francis.

Apparently, Mr. “Girls Gone Wild” and all-around douchebag, has his knickers in a bunch because someone stole his iPad that contained a sex tape that he made with his gal pal! Francis is quite steamed about it because the thief is currently shopping said sex tape around to the highest bidder. Waah waah waah!

Joe Francis and his co-star. (photo courtesy of LAist.com)

Joe Francis and his co-star. (photo courtesy of LAist.com)

Francis is the emotionally retarded chap who made underage titty flashing the new thing to aspire to for so many girls who consider “cracker” to be a term of endearment and who frequent spring break getaways like South Padre Island, Ft. Liquordale, and the like. Oh, and he’s been in trouble with the law–he doesn’t like to pay taxes, can’t comprehend the meaning of ‘consent’ and doesn’t quite seem to glean what ‘underage’ means exactly–just to name a few. Oh for fun, get on the google machine and type in ‘Steve Wynn vs. Joe Francis’ and you’ll read some of the best unintentional comic material ever.


Question: What comes with an $800 sex toy?

Also, I hate it when this happens. See folks, this is why I keep my sex toys in a locked box in my panic room.

Bravo to Spain for taking a stand on dog poop scofflaws. You know, in Chicago, I think we should have the option of smearing the dog feces on the owners OR smearing them on a Cubs/Sox/Hawks/Bears/Bulls jersey in front of the owner. It all depends on which team the owner supports, and the messier the poop, the better. That’ll never happen since our sleazoid of a mayor is too busy engaging in a circle jerk with no-bid city contractors and parking meters companies.

This made me smile. China Eastern Airlines is getting all of their flight attendants trained in the ancient Chinese secret art of Kung Fu, as a way to protect themselves against hijackers. Tis a noble effort and I had no idea CEA was a target for hijackers. I do hope they’ll channel the surprisingly un-Chinese looking Kwai Chang Caine whilst unloading a high-kick to a hijacker’s noggin.

(courtesy retroland.com)

(courtesy retroland.com)

However, I have a sinking feeling it’ll be more like this:

As for the ear worm, you’re welcome.


19 thoughts on “A Little of This, A Little of That…

    • I’m a guilty party with the likes; it was an experiment…though I didn’t have a hypothesis…I still got likes because it turns out you can like from your reader, so followers could still like, as could people who randomly read from the topic walls who genuinely liked the post; and I got to smirk at the people who liked a post for the sole reason of getting people to click on their like and go to their blog, because no-one who they actually wanted to see the like could see it, but they didn’t know this because they didn’t bother to actually read the post before liking and discover that the like button had been disabled…sometimes a thing that makes me smirk overrides all other considerations.

  1. OK — I’ve been on WordPress for 5 years. I read your notes about liking and following 4 times now and still have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know what those features are, let alone how to go about disabling them. I don’t see them on my blog, or in the control panel.

    Friends email me now and then to complain that they can’t put a comment on without providing some kind of sign-in. There’s nothing I know about that compels this, and when I go to my own blog to see what they see, I don’t see a damn thing. Other than bad gas, how am I supposed to I fix something that’s invisible?

    So I appreciate your rant and concern, just clueless about a solution. Like your government. Except for the appreciation part.

  2. Well, now I know why there wasn’t a “follow” button, and “like” buttons on some of these blogs. Didn’t know those things were optional. Guess that’s how savvy I am about the whole WP thing! lol

  3. Hey, I thought you said that was the end of your rant? You got me!

    Joe’s looking a little pulled back. Just sayin’. And speaking of circle jerk, do you know how aka Kwai Chang Caine died?

    • Oh I do know how Carradine died. Ick and wow.

      When Mama kardashian claims that Joe Francis is a good friend, it’s time to take her other two kids away from her.

  4. Thanks for the like button. I use it often here and on other blogs that offer it. It usually means I like it, but sometimes it just means “Nice effort dude.” Even if I don’t like the content, sometimes I like to push the like button to show them I liked what they put into it. If I leave a comment, it’s because I had more to say. I don’t like typing just to read my own words. I have to feel there’s something to say/read. I appreciate having those different options available to me.

    And the toys . . . Oh my goodness. It makes me wonder how many of those things are in the safe deposit boxes at the bank!

    • I agree with you on the LIKE button. I comment on posts I really like, but I gotta really like ’em. duh.

      As for the sex toys, i think in this day and age, if you DON’T have sex toys there’s something wrong with you.

      • And maybe that’s why the poor schmucks had to steal them . . . Haha! Maybe I should donate some to the homeless shelter to keep them out of crime, eh?

  5. Thanks for clearing up for me why I can’t “like” some posts I like so much. Tho’ I admit, some posts I want to do that to, “like” isn’t quite the word….I mean, you want to draw attention to something freaking appalling, but you don’t REALLY like it. I’m holding onto my own earworm, thanks….my Brain Radio played “Sounds of Silence” for me this morning!

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